Ignite and scale the impact you make with your
business, software, and people.

Sometimes, all that’s missing is a matchstick:
Something to strike, that sparks momentum when things feel stuck.

You're in the right place if you're:

Missing deadlines and due dates
Struggling with staff turnover
Just not hitting KPIs or OKRs
Hitting the same walls, over and over

We have nearly three decades of experience working with prestigious investment management firms, FinTechs impacting Africa, HealthTechs endorsed by WHO, YC-alum startups, government departments, and big global banks helping software professionals. And we've helped all of them ignite the impact they make with their software and their people.

Our mission? Contribute to a world where software devs are their own sovereign entities, and where software development is an omnidirectional skills and value exchange.

So sure, we're not for everyone - but that’s kind of the point: We don’t fix things if we aren’t the best fit for the job. And we don’t partner with you if we don’t think we can actually add real value.

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The steps we take with you


Priority: Clearly understand the your problem, the desired outcomes, and frame potential solutions.

We always start by understanding your specific landscape: We meet your team, we look at your software, we listen to your challenges, we unpack your current systems and processes, and we understand your broader vision as a company. Investing at this step makes the next two infinitely more productive.


Priority: Design and plan the solution that best addresses the validated hypotheses.

With a clear idea of your current reality, we can begin to define a solution. We look at your people, processes, and technology in order to uncover silos and surface potential optimisations. Our goal is to use what you already have, figure out where we can plug into, keep your goal at the forefront, and ignite  massive impact with the least amount of friction.


Priority: Build, test, implement, and iterate on the solution

From there, we knuckle down and get going. Leveraging your teams, and blending our expertise with theirs, we work alongside you to enable your organisation to do the work it’s supposed to do. We help you improve team dynamics, get the right people doing the right things, streamline your processes, optimise your architecture, and craft software solutions.

and what to expect...


  • Cross-functional team recommendation
  • Clear objectives to achieve
  • Hypotheses generation
  • Validation of problem hypotheses
  • Weighted hypotheses which can be evaluated for effectiveness
  • Prioritisation


  • Decision on which hypothesis to deliver on
  • User story map
  • Solution design approach
  • Defined team structures and ways of working
  • Risk assessment
  • Functional road map to production


  • Teams setup to support scaling the organisation
  • Solution that is integrated into your broader systems
  • Systems architecture roadmap
  • Solutions that can be incrementally changed
  • Data feeds expressing the health of the system
  • Well defined architecture fitness functions supporting architecture evolution

More about us 👋


My passion is connecting the right people, and enabling them through technology, so that they can affect the change they’re supposed to.

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After studying ComSci, I entered tech through coding a product geared towards project management. I later became a Scrum master when people were just starting to adopt Agile.

I love hacking together apps in React, Node, Solidity and Rust; I’ve minted NFTS; I set up a DAO; I've even defined and implemented my own SQL-like formal language (sadly not Turing complete…).

But what I’m really passionate about is connecting people, and enabling people through technology, so that they can create the impact they’re supposed to. I care about helping elevate software professionals with the right tools, the right knowledge, the right partnerships, and the right networks so that they can go out into the world and change lives.


My passion is the interplay between tech, people and value delivery. I love seeing how we make a tangible improvement that impacts people in a meaningful way.

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By the time I was seven, I was already making my first computer programmes. I went on to study Information Systems, and then worked at a technology consultancy where I built solutions for businesses. I also co-founded a health tech device, and worked on both the software and the hardware implementation.

When I emigrated to the UK, I worked with governments on projects that had a direct impact on people — and that confirmed my passion for the interplay between (and undeniable importance of both) tech and people.

Any team, company, or founder needs to consider both their technology and their people if they want their software to have the impact they intend it to have. And I love that I get to help people with that full-time now.

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